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Brinkmann Grill Parts 

Finding the correct Brinkmann Grill Parts for your Brinkmann or CharmGlow Grill is essential to optimal operation and delicious grilling.

Brinkmann grills have been a part of many family's outdoor cooking, camping trips and grilling experiences for years.  Sold all over the country at Home Depot, Brinkmann outdoor grills are extremely popular.  And the newer models compare very favorably in features and quality with the best from the likes of Weber, Brinkmann, Thermos, Charbroil, NexGrill and even Ducane and DCS.

Built of high quality parts, Brinkmann barbeque grills are truly built to last.  But even the very best grills will not last forever.

Even the Best Grills Wear Out

Today's gas, charcoal and electric barbeque grills are very easy to use and can produce excellent results -- but even the best built eventually wear out from use and require replacement parts.

With a cheap charcoal bbq or smoker grill, it is often far less expensive to replace the whole grill.  But with a large, high quality gas, electric or even charcoal grill -- like the large outdoor kitchen units from Brinkmann -- it is usually much, much cheaper to repair or replace a broken or worn out part than to buy a whole new unit.  Especially if it is something small and easy like a Brinkmann grill wheel or the Brinkmann gas burner.

Brinkmann gas grills are especially vulnerable.  Gas grill burners will always rust with age -- even if you take excellent care of them.  This is not due to misuse or any neglect on your part.  It is due to the interaction between the gas and the metal.  Even the very best quality stainless steel gas grill burners will rust in time.

And when they start to wear out with age, the flame will become uneven.  This can cause uneven cooking. Frequently the burner holes will become larger as they rust.  This allows the propane to escape at a faster rate and cause a bigger flame at that point.  This can cause the dreaded "hot spots" that early gas grills were known for.

In addition, too large holes in a gas or propane grill will waste valuble natural gas or propane. (Source - Wikipedia)

Tools and Accessories Wear Out Too

Your grilling accessories can also wearout and need replacing.  These include your heat tent, flame tamer, heat shield, grates and I-tent.  Rust, grease and drippings can to stick to the surfaces and cause dangerous flare-ups.

Finding Brinkmann Grill Parts on the Web

Shop By Your Brinkmann Grill Model Number

The best way to find the correct Brinkmann or Charmglow grill parts for your grill is to search by the model number. This will ensure you get the right part grill parts for your model number.  These are from the Brinkmann Grills Website:

Brinkmann 2500
Brinkmann 4415 (810-4415-T) (Grill Zone)
Brinkmann 4436 (810-4436-E) (Grill Zone)
Brinkmann 6305 (810-6305-T) (Grill Zone)
Brinkmann 6345 (810-6345-T) (Grill Zone)
Brinkmann 6355 (810-6355-T) (Grill Zone)
Brinkmann 6410 (810-6410-T) (Grill Zone)
Brinkmann 6440 (810-6440-T) (Grill Zone)
Brinkmann 6650 (810-6650-T) (Grill Zone)
Brinkmann 6670 (810-6670-T) (Grill Zone)
Brinkmann 810-2200-0 (Pro Series 2200)
Brinkmann 810-2210-0 (Pro Series 2210)
Brinkmann 810-2210-1 (Pro Series 2210)
Brinkmann 810-2235-0 (Pro Series 2235)
Brinkmann 810-2250-0 (Grand Gourmet 2250)
Brinkmann 810-2250-1 (Pro Series 2250)
Brinkmann 810-2250-2 (Pro Series 2250)
Brinkmann 810-2300-0 (Pro Series 2300)
Brinkmann 810-2300-B (Pro Series 2300)
Brinkmann 810-2310-0 (Pro Series 2310)
Brinkmann 810-2310-1 (Pro Series 2310)
Brinkmann 810-2320-B (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-2400-0 (Pro Series 2400)
Brinkmann 810-2400-2 (Pro Series 2400)
Brinkmann 810-2400-3 (Pro Series 2400)
Brinkmann 810-2500-0 (Pro Series 2500)
Brinkmann 810-2500-1 (Pro Series 2500)
Brinkmann 810-2600-0 (Pro Series 2600)
Brinkmann 810-2600-1 (Pro Series 2600)
Brinkmann 810-2610-0 (Pro Series 2610)
Brinkmann 810-2610-1 (Pro Series 2610)
Brinkmann 810-2630-0 (Pro Series 2630)
Brinkmann 810-2700-0 (Pro Series 2700)
Brinkmann 810-2700-1 (Pro Series 2700)
Brinkmann 810-2705-1 (Pro Series 2700)
Brinkmann 810-2720-0 (Pro Series 2720)
Brinkmann 810-2720-1 (Pro Series 2720)
Brinkmann 810-4040-0 (Pro Series 4040)
Brinkmann 810-4040-B (Augusta)
Brinkmann 810-4210-0 (Pro Series 4210)
Brinkmann 810-4238-0 (Pro Series 4238)
Brinkmann 810-4238-1 (Pro Series 4238)
Brinkmann 810-4240-0 (Pro Series 4240)
Brinkmann 810-4245-0 (Pro Series 4245)
Brinkmann 810-4345-0 (Pro Series 4345)
Brinkmann 810-4400-0 (Pro Series 4400)
Brinkmann 810-4400-1 (Pro Series 4400)
Brinkmann 810-4400-B (Special Edition)
Brinkmann 810-4415-0 (Pro Series 4415)
Brinkmann 810-4415-1 (Grand Gourmet 4415)
Brinkmann 810-4415-2 (Pro Series 4415)
Brinkmann 810-4415-3 (Pro Series 4415)
Brinkmann 810-4415-4 (Pro Series 4415)
Brinkmann 810-4415-E (Pro Series 4415)
Brinkmann 810-4415-T (Grill Zone 4415)
Brinkmann 810-4425-0 (Pro Series 4425)
Brinkmann 810-4425-1 (Pro Series 4425)
Brinkmann 810-4435-0 (Pro Series 4435)
Brinkmann 810-4435-1 (Pro Series 4435)
Brinkmann 810-4435-2 (Pro Series 4435)
Brinkmann 810-4435-3 (Pro Series 4435)
Brinkmann 810-4436-E (Pro Series 4436)
Brinkmann 810-4436-T (Grill Zone 4436)
Brinkmann 810-4445-0 (Elite Series 4445)
Brinkmann 810-4445-1 (Elite Series 4445)
Brinkmann 810-4495-0 (Pro Series 4495)
Brinkmann 810-4615-0 (Pro Series 4615)
Brinkmann 810-4655-0 (Pro Series 4655)
Brinkmann 810-4655-1 (Pro Series 4655)
Brinkmann 810-4655-B (Pro Series 4655)
Brinkmann 810-4675-0 (Pro Series 4675)
Brinkmann 810-4675-1 (Pro Series 4675)
Brinkmann 810-4675-3 (Pro Series 4675)
Brinkmann 810-4685-0 (Elite Series 4685)
Brinkmann 810-4685-1 (Elite Series 4685)
Brinkmann 810-4775-0 (Pro Series 4775)
Brinkmann 810-4775-1 (Pro Series 4775)
Brinkmann 810-5000-0 (All In One)
Brinkmann 810-5100-0 (All In One)
Brinkmann 810-6305-T (Grill Zone 6305)
Brinkmann 810-6320-B (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-6320-C (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-6330-B (Austin)
Brinkmann 810-6330-W (Pro Series 6330)
Brinkmann 810-6345-0 (Grand Gourmet 6345)

Brinkmann 810-6345-1 (Pro Series 6345)
Brinkmann 810-6345-2 (Pro Series 6345)
Brinkmann 810-6345-3 (Grand Gourmet 6345)
Brinkmann 810-6345-T (Grill Zone 6345)
Brinkmann 810-6355-T (Grill Zone 6355)
Brinkmann 810-6410-T (Grill Zone 6410)
Brinkmann 810-6418-0 (Pro Series 6418)
Brinkmann 810-6418-3 (Pro Series 6418)
Brinkmann 810-6419-2 (Pro Series 6419)
Brinkmann 810-6430-W (Pro Series 6430)
Brinkmann 810-6435-2 (Pro Series 6435)
Brinkmann 810-6440-T (Grill Zone 6440)
Brinkmann 810-6630-B (Savanna)
Brinkmann 810-6650-T (Grill Zone 6650)
Brinkmann 810-6668-0 (Pro Series 6668)
Brinkmann 810-6670-T (Grill Zone 6670)
Brinkmann 810-6800-0 (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-6830-0 (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-7231-W (Pro Series 7231)
Brinkmann 810-7310-F (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-7310-S (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-7341-0 (Pro Series 7341)
Brinkmann 810-7341-W (Pro Series 7341)
Brinkmann 810-7400-F (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-7400-S (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-7420-F (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-7420-S (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-7430-F (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-7440-F (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-7440-S (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-7441-S (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-7490-F
Brinkmann 810-7500-S (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-754-B (Madison)
Brinkmann 810-7541-W (Pro Series 7541)
Brinkmann 810-7600-F (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-7600-S (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-7625-0 (Elite Series 7625)
Brinkmann 810-7625-0 (Pro Series 7625)
Brinkmann 810-7741-0 (Pro Series 7741)
Brinkmann 810-7741-W (Pro Series 7741)
Brinkmann 810-7751-0 (Pro Series 7751)
Brinkmann 810-8300-F (Portland 8300)
Brinkmann 810-8300-W (Pro Series 8300)
Brinkmann 810-8401-F (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-8401-F
Brinkmann 810-8401-S
Brinkmann 810-8403-F (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-8410-F (4 Burner 8410)
Brinkmann 810-8410-F (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-8410-S (4 Burner 8410)
Brinkmann 810-8410-S (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-8445-N (Southgate 8445)
Brinkmann 810-8445-W (Pro Series 8445)
Brinkmann 810-8448-F (Southgate 8448)
Brinkmann 810-8500-F (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-8500-S (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-8530-F (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-8530-S (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-8532-F (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-8532-S (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-8550-F (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-8550-S (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-8552-S (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-8905-S (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-8907-S (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-9200-0
Brinkmann 810-9210-S
Brinkmann 810-9325-0
Brinkmann 810-9400-0
Brinkmann 810-9410-S
Brinkmann 810-9415F
Brinkmann 810-9415W
Brinkmann 810-9419
Brinkmann 810-9425-W
Brinkmann 810-9520-S
Brinkmann 810-9590-S
Brinkmann 810-9600-F (Charmglow)
Brinkmann 810-9605-0 (Kenmore)
Brinkmann 815-3680-S (All Purpose)
Brinkmann 815-3680-S
Brinkmann 815-3895-0 (Outdoor Gas Cooker)
Brinkmann 815-3895-0
Brinkmann 820-7310-S (Charmglow)

Shop By Part Category

Another way to find your Brinkmann Grill Part is by Catagory.  Many sites allow you to search by catagory.  If your grill is not listed in the models, or the model number is unknown, try searching by category for the grill parts you need.

Brinkmann Burners
Brinkmann Burner and Venturi assemblies
Brinkmann Cooking Grids
Brinkmann Rock/Briquette Grates
Brinkmann Heat plates and Briquette grates
Brinkmann Igniter Components
Brinkmann Warming Racks
Brinkmann Venturis
Brinkmann Valves, Orifices, and Manifolds
Brinkmann Regulators and Hoses
Brinkmann Knobs and Handles
Brinkmann Rotisserie Components
Brinkmann Grill Covers
Brinkmann Fittings and Adapters
Brinkmann Posts
Brinkmann Miscellaneous Repair Parts
Brinkmann Conversion Kits
Brinkmann Accessories
Brinkmann Heat Indicators, Meat Thermometers 

Remember -- Getting the right Brinkmann Grill Parts is essential to optimal operation and delicious grilling.